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Chris Paul says NBA's punishment of Suns governor Robert Sarver 'failed'

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Phoenix Suns star point guard Chris Paul has voiced his thoughts on managing partner Robert Sarver, who, like many, believes he should face more than a one-year suspension and A fine of $10 million is a heavier penalty.

Paul tweeted that he believed the league’s punishment “failed”:

Chris Paul@CP3

I think sanctions fail to really address the brutality we all agree on. My heart goes out to all those affected.

A November 2021 report by ESPN’s Baxter Holmes exposes multiple racist and misogynistic behaviors during his time with the Suns Sarver was investigated following the allegations. On Tuesday, the NBA announced sanctions against Sarver after an investigation determined that Sarver “engaged in apparent violations of common workplace standards”: NBA Newsletter@NBAPR

The NBA issued the following statement today:

The law firm of Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen & Katz conducted an independent investigation, interviewed 320 people and reviewed more than 80,000 documents. The findings, released Tuesday in a 43-page report, uncovered accusations of damnation against Sarver.

Determined that Sarver “said the N-word repeated or claimed to repeat a black man at least five times during his tenure, including after being advised not to do so” After doing it” and “made many sexually related comments in the workplace.”

In addition, the survey found that he “has made negative comments about female employees” and other women’s appearance,” and “often demeaning and rudely treating employees” – including yelling and cursing at them. ” Despite the abhorrent revelations, Sarver was allowed to keep his spot with the Suns. Many expect penalties similar to those of former Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling, who was suspended and fined $2.5 million by the league in 2014 after he was heard making racist remarks on tape.

However, NBA Commissioner Adam Silver supported the league’s punishment of Sarver in an interview with reporters on Wednesday. Silver said, Sterling was guilty of “blatantly racist acts against a particular group of people” and Sarver’s comments were “beyond pale” but “completely different” from Sterling’s.

Paul was also a member of the Clippers during the Sterling controversy. At the time he did not prevent the situation from being resolved, he even threatened that if Sterling remained the owner, he Will boycott this season. Paul is the worthy leader of the Suns and he may push some form of protest this coming season.

The 37-year-old wasn’t the only star player to voice his opinion on the league’s handling of Sarver. Los Angeles Lakers forward LeBron James tweeted that he felt “our league must have gotten it wrong. “



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