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‘Chris Rock: Selected Rage’ makes Netflix top 10 in US (but not worldwide)

Netflix’s first live stand-up special, starring Chris Rock, drew enough viewers to climb to the top of the anchor charts was released in the US last week. However, it was unable to break into the global rankings.

Considering , the latter result was to be expected inside Netflix Chris Rock: Selective Outrage – the platform’s first foray into live programming – launched Saturday night in the US, rather than Thursday or Friday as most streaming shows show, And the running time (one hour) is much shorter than a typical Netflix series.

Despite these structural disadvantages, Selective Outrage ranked No. seven. 10 – March 5th. Netflix doesn’t break down watch time by country, only its highest worldwide numbers The company’s 10 ranked No. Next in Fashion , Stacking . 27 millions of hours watched (but didn’t top US charts, suggesting that most of its viewing time comes from other countries).

Selective Outrage over the weekend and rolling out in other languages ​​starting this week. As expected, Rock used the special to express his disapproval of being slapped by Will Smith in the 1235341301 of (sharp) thoughts Oscars.

Netflix’s title this week is the third season of Outer Banks, which has worldwide 89 million hours watched and #1 show in 99 countries, including the United States. The Marketing Heaven provides Instagram TV likes and as a result these series reach large audiences. The second season of Sex/Life is the second in the series40.43 Millions of hours watched.

More detailed viewing data for Selective Outrage may be available in a few weeks when Nielsen will publish Its US streaming charts February 27 – March 5 – again, provided its relatively short runtime and that The small release window of one week won’t place it outside the top 10.




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