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Christian Cowan Resort 2023

A full denim apron – almost The hustle and bustle of the century – displayed on the human body upon entering Christian Cowan’s Soho flagship store Model on New York. Pair it with a cropped white tank top that’s cut under the half like a Y2K version of a ball gown – Britney Spears in 18. For the designer, this fearless (and dizzying) spirit is exactly what he wanted to embody in his first resort collection. He finds inspiration in women who like to dress up and take risks — characters like Sex and the City

‘s Carrie Bradshaw. “We design for people who want to be complimented, who are not afraid to be protagonists, who love fashion,” Cowan said. “I think that’s Carrie.”

This season, Cowan decided to expand on his signature piece, his playful eveningwear. One of New York’s most popular party tailors, Cowan didn’t skimp on dress supplies. There are floor-length dresses with huge feathered sleeves, strapless mini dresses with holographic sheen (very Coachella); for those who prefer to show their skin, there are dresses with zipper slits. If the latter has a sci-fi feel, it’s no accident, Cowan revealed that he was inspired by the Wachoswki sisters, The Matrix

. “I’m a longtime fan of all things escapism, better than fine science fiction?” Although many of the dresses here are skewed toward the very young, his satin maxi dress can also be seen by Upper East Side socialites Put on. “We’re trying to have something for mother and daughter,” he added. Cowan also tries to add to his daytime work. Colourful tulle chiffon tops with asymmetrical hem cuts inspired by the sight of Ibiza’s fabulous women wearing them to the beach – with a glass of wine in hand. The designer added that many of the resort’s interesting details were inspired by his own Spanish family. “I grew up in a predominantly female Spanish family – strong, independent women who taught me to follow my passions,” Cowan said. “They like to play with fashion, wear tops as skirts, add frills and pins, and create details.” This more casual assortment also includes denim pieces, including a pair of denim. “The lads are really good for us,” Cowan said with a laugh, recognizing that it’s a statement few can make.

) That’s the beauty of Cowan’s work – although it’s not for everyone, But it’s certainly not safe, at least always impressive. He’s excited to extend his sense of dynamism to all areas of the wardrobe. “We’re known for our evening parties,” Cowan explained, “and it’s time to show day, dawn, dusk and late night!”



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