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Christina Aguilera's 'dirty' era couldn't be more popular

Imagine this: this year 2002, Christina Aguilera’s parents anger. Shortly after she released her fourth studio album Stripped , the singer dropped her salacious music video for “Dirty” and immediately became aroused dispute. In the video, Aguilera is seen wearing a skimpy bra and leather pants while dawdling in a sweaty boxing ring. The video sparked a petition to have it removed from television — “This shouldn’t be on MTV for kids!” — and it was even banned in Thailand. For Aguilera, making the headlines wasn’t a provocative game, but an empowering professional moment. “I put out Dirty, and that was my fucking moment,” she said later, adding that it was a disdain for the clean image pop stars had to maintain at the time. “That’s when I came out and said I was a woman who was proud of my sexuality.”

Twenty years later, it’s clear that Aguilera was ahead of her time. Fashion was returning to Aguilera’s scruffy Y2K clothing at the time. We’re not all walking around in leather pants, but Aguilera’s style choices for the “dirty” era include many looks that can’t be trended anymore. Whether it’s her very miniskirts, her cargo pants with heels, or her skinny leather corset dress, Aguilera is

One of the pioneers aesthetics that designers continue to refer to today. (However, honorable mentions must also go to Britney Spears, Jennifer Lopez, and Paris Hilton.)

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Aguilera has relied on her dominant appearance over the years. She’s been known to go through the phases of wearing colorful leather motocross-inspired pieces and racing jackets, so it just so happens to be a while now (Diesel has been pushing them hard). Aguilera was in Roberto Cavalli’s Spring when she was at at the VH1 Awards Red leather corset dress, tied at the back. Today, corset styles continue to be popular, as can be seen in the body-hugging styles of Balmain, Vivienne Westwood and Dion Lee this fall.

Diesel down

Filippo Fior /

Alexander McQueen falls

Photo by Alexander McQueen

2003 OFFER

Her penchant for miniskirts and low-rise jeans has been Rekindled by brands like Blumarine, and her cargo pants (with stilettos, of course) are a look Tom Ford has seen lately. Consider Aguilera’s “dirty” era wardrobe, the perfect mood board for your next Friday night out. Because as Aguilera put it in her hit song, “Hugger with tight hips, sure to be low; shake it on the floor!”

Here are Aguilera’s best “dirty” era style moments.




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