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Christina Applegate Talks Future of Show Business at 'Dead to Me' Awards

Christina Applegate won 2023 SAG Awards nominated her for Netflix’s Dead to Me character in the final season . In a new interview with the LA Times, she reflects on her upcoming honor, which she shares may be her last acting honor during her MS diagnosis .

“This may be my last awards show as an actor, so it’s important, said Applegate, who won her sixth SAG award for her role as Jen Harding for three seasons alongside Linda Cardellini in the Friendship Tragic Comedy. nominate. “Right now, I can’t imagine waking up at 5am and spending 10 to one set of hours; I don’t have that right now.”

The SAG Awards in February 40 in Los Angeles, will continue for Dead to Me final season awards. Applegate recently attended the Critics’ Choice Awards , her first awards show since her diagnosis, and received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame . She will compete for an Emmy on 1235253596 and was previously nominated for Dead To me

Seasons 1 and 2.

The third and final season of the Netflix series at Applegate at 26 received her MS diagnosis . Then they put on hold for five months while Applegate started treatment, And decided to finish , come back and end the show on their star’s own terms.

Applegate previously detailed what she was on set when she finished the show Support received. Talking to LAT, she detailed: “I crash every day, but most crashes happen in my trailer But sometimes I break down on set and say, ‘I can’t, we have to take a break, I need a half hour,’ and everyone loves it, so it’s okay.”

When looking ahead to how her role on set will change amid her diagnosis, Applegate — whose wit has always been there — said she is considering her next steps, which include producing, developing and ” Doing a bunch of voiceovers to make some money to make sure my daughter is fed and we go home.”

Creator Liz Feldman revealed to The Hollywood Reporterr because they only guest star James Marsden for a month The filming, they’ve filmed the first half of the final season Dead to Me was completely out of order. In some episodes, months go by and Applegate is here Admittedly this season, released in November 14, is hard to watch. It took her months to do this.

“I don’t like seeing myself struggling,” she said. “Also, due to lack of exercise and medication, I gained weight 40 and I don’t look like I myself, and I didn’t feel like myself. At some point, I was able to pull myself away from myself and realize what a beautiful piece of television this was. All the scenes I wasn’t involved in were seeing and experiencing for the first time, Very funny.”

Applegate has also previously praised her co-star and friend Cardellini for supporting her during the final months of filming. Their goodbye scene – the moment between on-screen and off-screen friends that will become the show’s legacy – was shot by them The last scene of .

“The tables have turned,” Applegate now explains of the plot of the final season, which saw — spoiler alert! — Cardellini’s Judy died of cancer. (Applegate plays Jen.) “Jen is taking care of her dying friend and Linda is taking care of me because I’m saying goodbye to people I’ve always known — so a part of me is dying,” she says.

When Cardellini talks to When THR after the finale, she had similar thoughts about their relationship. “It was really hard for us to say goodbye. Jen and Judy, Linda and Christina cried so much,” she said of the final scene. “I think what you see on the show is that Christina is as talented as ever and she’s an unbelievable actress. She really can do anything.” 1235263173



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