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Christine Ferea upset over Taylor Starling corner after BKFC 28 win: 'They didn't protect her'

Christine Ferea thinks Taylor Starling’s corner has disappointed her.

In last Saturday’s BKFC 28 Main Event, Ferea retained Starling’s flyweight title with a 47-second TKO victory. After the first mess that led to the knockout, Starling was clearly heard telling her trainer she “can’t do that” but ended up fighting on, before verbally surrendering in the next exchange.

While Ferrea celebrated the victory, Starling dealt with a lot of objections – some of which were avoidable in the champion’s eyes.

“I’m not happy to be honest with her corner,” Ferea told MMA Fighting on Heck of a Morning. “I’m very upset. If I’m a trainer and my fighters say ‘I’m done, I can’t’, like she does, they should stop it. They were there to protect her, but they didn’t protect her.

“It was worse for her because she had to give up twice when she could have gone once. They don’t know how she was feeling in that game, or how she was hit, I just think the way they handled the situation was very irresponsible to her corner and they need to reassess how they handle things [in future].”

Dan Miragliotta, who was the referee during the game, stopped the game after Starling surrendered. When asked if Miragliotta shared any responsibility, Ferea explains why he doesn’t share the responsibility.

“He didn’t see her, he just saw her talking in the corner,” Ferea said. “She Turn around. Dan was very, very capable of his job, and she turned around. But in her corner, they could clearly see what she was talking about. They said, ‘Go back there. ‘

“I gave her props and she would turn around even if she didn’t want to. I did give her a lot of props, when no one came forward To stand up. To prove herself, she gave up another high-profile fight. Sometimes you have to learn those tough lessons.”

On Wednesday, Starling in Social media confided in how she has been treated since. The struggle – explains how she was “chewed and spat out” and turned her back on those close to her in her life.

Ferea has felt bad for her closest opponent in a past situation where fans have bombarded her with negativity during her fighting career. The 39-year-old is confident that Starling can get back to the form that gave her the title, but also understands that the dire situation could lead things one of two ways.

“Of course [I feel sorry for her],” Freya explained. “I know because you should see my comment below, but I’ve dealt with this my entire career. I could have people bashing me all day, but I’m so fucking [ready] because it’s been Happened to me throughout my career – not on her level, not that way – but to be myself; short hair, “you’re a man”, all this fucking, “you need to be with a man Fight” etc. ” That’s what I told her, it doesn’t matter what these people say. First of all, we’re entertainers and we’re out there beating each other up, so the fans out there, some of them are just hateful. They want to see violence. There are different types of fans, some people appreciate it, some people just want to talk about us. So we have to understand that. She learned her lessons on a big platform with a very young career.

“Things like that either make you or break you, and I don’t think she’s the type to break her down. “



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