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Christine Vachon on why she loves working with first-time directors 'to make the stories they really want to tell'

Christine Vachon’s work at Killer Films, the state of independent film and working with first-time directors are among the topics discussed in Veteran Independent Film Producer in Karlovy Vary 2023 No. Sunday International Film Festival at the tribute dinner held at the Karlovy Vary Film Festival .

Vachon shared insights and anecdotes with the audience at this year’s major Czech film festival honoring her. Select guests in cocktail attire stay at the Pupu Grand Hotel in the hot spring town. The hotel was the filming location for the James Bond film Casino Royale (where it was known as the Splendid Hotel) and is Considered the inspiration for The Grand Budapest Hotel in Wes Anderson’s film of the same name.

Several questions were posed during a short conversation at the start of the event, focusing on Vachon’s priorities and work with her Killer Films production company. “We’re known for working with first-time directors, and that’s something I really enjoy doing,” Vajon shares. “It’s so easy in this business to become cynical, and that cynicism is incredibly destructive. First-time directors tend to make stories they really want to tell, and the joy of what they’re doing… makes I’m excited.”

When asked about The Killer, film label Vachon mentioned that the company makes films that “we think are really original, provocative, genuinely have something to say,” noting that the differing tastes she and co-founder Pamela Kovner bring ensure a “diverse program.” ’ Her conclusion: “I feel like what we do is very eclectic. “

Amplifying the difference in taste between the two partners, she explains, “Our tastes are different enough. I don’t think it’s that good to work with someone who has the same taste, because, you know, why bother? ”

When asked about the state of the independent film space and whether it is facing extinction, Vachon replied: “For a long time, a lot of people have been at the grave of independent film Dance on the Internet,” argues, “creating content certainly hasn’t gotten any harder. ”

Still, Vachon admits that independent films face a key question that is being discussed across the industry: “What is the future of theater?” What does this mean for the type of stories you want to tell? ’ Her conclusion: ‘What we really care about now is what happens to adult-led drama? Did people simply decide they’d rather watch it at home? What gives a movie such a sense of urgency that it makes you go see it in the theater? ”

Questioning Vachon on Sunday night is the writer of Variety Leo Barraclough, he’s just owned by Penske Media like Hollywood Reporter .

Monday’s master class will have an even larger audience to hear Vachon’s presentation as part of the second day of the Karlovy Vary Festival’s Eastern Promise Industry Day programme.

Vachon is not the only A big name who gets noticed at the festival. Russell Crowe,Alicia Vikander and Ewan McGregor have already received Lifetime Achievement Awards in the first days of this year’s edition.

Robin Wright will follow up at the end of the event. Karlovy Vary The festival will run until July 8. 1235527383



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