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Christopher John Rogers' first furniture collection is dreamy and functional

by Christopher John Rogers The new chairman series with Orior anything but Christopher John Rogers. Irish furniture brand Lia chairs are adorned with his gradient polka dot print (which Anne Hathaway wore in a matching suit earlier this year), while his signature rainbow plaid is in linen. One design is a mastery of mixed patterns, juxtaposing a black and white checkerboard with zebra stripes. “I wanted to incorporate our signature print into something that is also iconic to Orior,” Rogers told Vogue.

When it came to his first furniture collection, Rogers wanted to make sure his brand’s wild creativity was on full display, but not sacrificing functionality. “I like to keep things simple—classic, comfortable—while incorporating a little eclecticism,” he says. So he decided to take four of Orior’s best-selling chairs, known for their adaptability and versatility, and imprint them with his fantastical patterns. “In this collection, the shapes themselves are very classic and simple in a way,” added Rogers. “What makes them declarative is blending and color.”

(at the same time, Percentage collected by Color of Change recommended to Rogers by a grassroots nonprofit that strengthens and supports black communities in America .)



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