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Chufy Spring 2023 Ready-to-Wear

exist2019, Sofia Sanchez de Betak arrived in Nepal a few hours after she showed up at the Met Gala in a custom Mango gown to help Bally’s team on an environmental expedition to clean up Mount Everest. She also explored Kathmandu, which became her spring-inspired 2022 collection. “In my life I didn’t really want to travel somewhere or when. So we went back to that trip for inspiration and I saw all these incredible images of tigers and temples and flags,” Design the teacher said. “I went to all the local markets and dug around, and I found all these local food and religious images, which were very inspiring for my collection.”

Some of this season’s hero prints represent traditional Nepalese beliefs. The marigold flower symbolizes the sophistication and beauty that nature has provided without the need for gems and ornamentation. It’s about how Sanchez de Betak wants her clothes to feel – comfortable, lightweight, wearable by real women in the real world. While the public is accustomed to seeing Sanchez de Betak walk into the biggest runway of the season in glamorous ensembles, she feels most comfortable in simple clothes. “I love the souvenir T-shirts that are almost nothing on the market,” she said. “They have an original design that you can mix with anything at any time, including printed skirts and dresses from Chufy.”

in another print from the series, she added images of temples and mountains to colourful down vests, tailored blazers and crochet. “In terms of imagery, the print goes back to the DNA of the brand, but in terms of shape, we’re introducing a number of updated designs, including many knitted and crocheted tops and skirts, which are in stark contrast to our usual approach,” said Sanchez de Betak. Since she recently moved to Mallorca, she realized that knitwear isn’t everything. Instead, she started developing lighter cardigans to wear over swimsuits on sweltering summer days, as well as thicker knitted suits for comfort near fire pits when the nights got chilly. “We just launched our knitwear from the Patagonia Fall collection , but it didn’t come back,” she said. “It means the product is well done and the customer really likes it.”

and other Seasons vary, with Sanchez de Betak as the face of her brand and models in Lookbook for social media and news properties, she took a step back this season. As you may have noticed, the designer was often absent from fashion week this season. She decided to focus more on family, mindfulness, and meditation, and her spring deals reflect that recent journey. “The purpose of this series is to connect all the wisdom in these cultures that are very different from ours,” she said.




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