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Cillian Murphy on longtime Christopher Nolan collaboration, calls 'Oppenheimer' 'the best script I've ever read'

Cillian Murphy in Christopher Nolan’s upcoming film Oppenheimer.

Peaky Blinders

stars to play J. Robert Oppenheimer, father of the atomic bomb, in biographer of famed director The film tells the story of a physicist working with a team of scientists to develop a deadly weapon during the Manhattan Project.

“It’s the best script I’ve ever read,” Murphy told

UK Rolling Stone Magazine . The story is told entirely in first person from Oppenheimer’s point of view, which the cast appreciates. “I thought the movie was a blockbuster. As a movie lover — and I’m not saying that because I’m in a fucking thing, I hate watching myself — but as a movie lover, as a movie lover, I’m a Chris Nolan fan.”

While Batman Begins

villain didn’t share much There are details about his views on scientists, but he manages to provide a small hint about his views on Oppenheimer. He explained that when he played the physicist in Sunshine (2007), he spent Spend some time with real physicist Brian Cox (no, not Logan Roy) and learn a lot from him.

“I’ll never have the intelligence — a lot of us don’t — but I like to listen,” Murphy said, before turning his attention to atomic bomb building “With that intelligence—and I think it might actually be a burden—you don’t see things on the normal plane the way we do. Everything is multifaceted and about to collapse.” 29064

Nolan also talked about Murphy’s role in his film, explaining that he felt the actor’s “remarkable capacity for empathy” would help those who went to watch Viewer Oppenheimer enters the layered thought process of a scientist.

“He showed an intelligence that made the audience feel like they understood the character,” said the famed director. “Of all the characters I’ve ever seen Cillian play and all the characters I’ve dealt with in my work, I think Oppenheimer is one of the most complex and multi-layered characters. Cillian is one of the few who can explore these different layers and One of those talents that projects that level of sophistication.”

He explained that Murphy not only projects intelligence through his performance, but in a way that makes people really listen to him. the power of the way.

“There are all these layers of intent in the actions he’s taking, and he’s surrounded by people,” Nolan said. “So the audience becomes a member of this community, and they hang on to his every word, study his every movement, trying to make sense of it.”

Mo Fee is serving as the scarecrow in Batman Begins, their almost-20 year working relationship Start.

Murphy has been in six of Nolan’s films, even in Dunkirk as a fighting “Shivering Soldier” in shock.

“I’ll always be around Chris, even walking with a surfboard in the background of his next movie,” joked the actor. “Although… not sure what kind of Chris Nolan movie that would be. But I always wish I could play the leading role in a Chris Nolan movie. What actor wouldn’t want to do that?”

Likewise, Nolan expressed his respect for Murphy and his desire to always challenge himself in new roles. The director also praised the actor for never letting fame affect him.

“He didn’t let success change him or hinder the process in any way to the truth,” Nolan said. “It’s very difficult for an actor to maintain that throughout his career.”

Elsewhere in the interview, Murphy explained that he felt People were a little “overwhelmed” when they met him because they were expecting Tommy Shelby, but it wasn’t any more different than who he actually was.

He also said he would like to do a movie with Stephen Knight, the creator of Peaky Blinders

last year The finale of the Netflix series that ended.

“If there’s more of a story out there, I’d love to do it,” Murphy said. “But it had to be right. Steve Knight wrote 20 hours of TV and we left so excited .. I’m really proud of the last series. So it has to feel legitimate and warrant more.”




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