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Cinemark: First Slam Dunk movie hits US theaters this year

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Cinemark is listing , Takehiko Inoue
‘s new anime movie*) ‘s basketball manga, which will be released this year U.S. release. The theater chain did not provide an exact date.

This film has accumulated 000, 919,943,319 Yen (approximately USD .96 million) as of April 9 in Japan.

This movie is now the highest grossing movie of all time in Japan, and Top grossing anime movie. The film hit No. 1 on its opening weekend in December. Movie sold 808, tickets and get 1,96,490,490 Yen (approximately $9. 25 million) during opening weekend.

Inoue personally directed this film at

Toei Animation and wrote script. Among the staff listed are Character Designer/Animation Director Yasuyuki Ebara () and Technical Director Kitada Katsuhiko ( episodes, ), Naoki Miyahara (, ), Toshio Ōhashi (), and Yū Kamatani (, ).

Source: Cinemark from the Twitter account of Manga Alerts

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