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Circulation of Kenjiro Haneda manga exceeds 25 million copies

This21Kenjiro Hata‘s st edited volume*) () The manga was released in September 12 All Haneda’s manga works have 21 million copies in circulation. is Hata’s latest manga . Haneda published in Shogakukan magazine Comics in February 2012. Viz Media published the manga in English and released 21 Books are compiled on August 9th.

) The manga inspired a TV anime adaptation that premiered in October 2012 and on episodes. Crunchyroll series aired under the title

) . , original animation animation (OVA) this The series was released on Blu-ray Disc in Japan in August 2012 and started on Crunchyroll on the same day. A new animation animation will debut in November . The anime will also have a second season.

Hata’s early comics inspired

the Four Seasons of TV Anime, 400, 2009and400, and three – episode original video (OVA) project in 2012 . The manga also inspired

animated films 2014 .

Source: Kikuya Sendai branch Twitter account




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