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Clara Holmes, AKA @RollinFunky, how to become a star who adapts to style

Clara Holmes was a little flustered. As we spoke, the British model and lifestyle content creator recently returned from a holiday in the scenic Spanish island of Tenerife. Shortly before that, she embarked on a work trip that included sailing around the Mediterranean. “It’s crazy,” Holmes said of coming home to an email inbox full of requests, casting calls and press inquiries.

Still, Holmes is somewhat used to competing demands. Over the past six years, she has crafted a popular and inspiring brand centered on where to go. Sherlock Holmes, who lives in London, documents her adventures , on her Instagram page @RollinFunky of followers. She posted photos and videos of her dancing in the sun at the famous Notting Hill Carnival, showing off a new set of pink heels and relaxing on a beach in Jamaica.

But her content is much more than an enviable vision of travel and entertainment. Sherlock Holmes is a wheelchair user and she hopes her content and life will inspire others who also use wheelchairs to live their best life. “People with disabilities might think, ‘I really don’t go to those places.’ Because either they might not feel welcome [there] or they might not be able to get in,” she said. Her goal is to change that.

Courtesy of Clara Holmes

In addition to creating inspirational lifestyle content, Sherlock Holmes has another far-reaching career: modeling. The road unexpectedly opened up after two agents spotted Holmes on the street and asked to come in for a test shoot. “They said they thought I had


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