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Clarins' latest launch takes place at “Paris' Best Kept Secret” dinner

Paul Forman, Ashley Parker

Last night in the City of Lights, Clarins presented the French brand’s Precious skincare innovations with a gala dinner celebrating the new collection and its ultra-rare ingredients. Guests including Emily in Paris star Ashley Park and Paul Forman, Elsa Hosk, Ivy Getty and Young Emporers gather At Restaurant Akrame, a hidden gem just steps from the Caviar Caspia, Clarins CEO Johnathan Zrihen calls it “the best kept secret in Paris”.

Indeed, Chef Akrame Benallal’s The illustrated menu features precious dishes including beetroot tartare and caviar as a starter, or gold leaf soft-boiled eggs (inspired by gilding, sustainable precious packaging) on ​​a bed of smoked corn are completely off the menu and unique to the one-night experience place. “I’ve never had a hand-drawn menu before. Are you kidding me? We love fusion,” laughs Parker, who just flew from Los Angeles. “In terms of intent, ideas and ingredients, it’s literally the best culinary experience I’ve had in Paris,” she adds, before dabbing a little La Crème directly on the face of her partner and tablemate Forman.

and of course skin care Pin

is the star of the program. “We have this incredible ingredient,” says Clarins general manager Katalin Berenyi, pointing to flowers that grow on the coast of France, frozen in nearby ice, and represent the science behind the Precious formula. “We’ve extracted the essence of this moonflower that blooms only one night a year through cryogenics, which basically does a quick freeze of the actives, to get everything in a very efficient and very responsible way ,” she explains, noting that clinical studies have found that after three months of using La Crème, skin has the potential to look five years younger. “I really enjoyed learning about the story, planning for tonight’s guests and meeting new people,” Hosk said as he swept outside after dessert, which included a nugget soaked in bee pollen. “I can’t wait to try this cream, I really want to try it now.”



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