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Clayton Kershaw quite impressed with ex-Dodge Mitch White

Former Dodgers pitcher Mitch White’s moment with the team was short-lived, but Clayton Kershaw impressed

Nine-time All-Star, former MVP, World Series Champion and A 2.49 career ERA is all you need to know about the professionalism displayed by the Dodgers’ future Hall of Fame pitcher Clayton Kershaw. Kershaw is undoubtedly one of the greatest pitchers of our generation, and Blue Jays pitcher Mitch White revels in all his moments with Kershaw.

After being traded to the Blue Jays around the beginning of August, White played with some of the greatest players early in his Dodgers career. If White has anything to gain from the team, it’s the level of dedication Kershaw has to his craft on a daily basis (quoted from At The Letters, SPORTSNET).

“I think, to me, Kersh is special because obviously, he’s a legend, but he’s also such a disciplined The person he does. He knows exactly what he wants to do, it’s about execution for him. Obviously, he has these great things, but the reason he’s so good is because he executes the glove side heater , the glove side slider to in.

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Being with a legend like Kershaw, even just sitting in the dugout and listening to him Will pay off hugely for any aspiring pitcher. 27 years – Veteran pitcher still has a lot to learn, but takes a big step with Kershaw.

“It’s incredible because he’s better than a batsman. He beats them, wears them down, and that’s it. Kersh has an extraordinary feel for the game, and I’d sit on the bench with him and he’d notice these little weird details. “

Dodgers miss Kershaw as he continues to recover from lower back injury. Even without White on team One thing’s for sure, both White and the Dodgers want to see Kershaw back soon.



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