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Cliff Kingsbury downplays heated sideline argument with Kyler Murray during Cardinals win: 'We have differences of opinion'

Downplayed the bitter verbal confrontation between Cardinals quarterback Kyler Murray and head coach Cliff Kingsbury with an easy win and some cheery postgame comments After that, everything was fine in Arizona.

In the first – half-timeout Thursday night, Murray walked up to his coach and could be seen yelling “calm down” twice.

Soon after, the Cardinals found a resounding turnaround in the end zone, leading to a 42-34 victory over the visiting New Orleans Saints on Thursday. In the afterglow of the victory, the Cardinals minimized Murray’s performance with his coach.

“It’s just one of those things on the court. We have different opinions,” Kingsbury said. “Yeah, he said I didn’t look good on TV and I acted like a blast. So, I don’t know. It’s a Gen Z thing on TV, ‘calm down,’ but I like to express emotions.”

With the helmet off, it’s easy to see Murray’s unsafe comments about Kingsbury’s job as he quickly steps up to the coach and then becomes more active. Wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins came out soon after Murray and Kingsbury were suspended for six games in the first game of the season for violating the NFL’s performance-enhancing drug policy. between. He later put his hands on the QB to further calm the situation.

Murray and Hopkins back in the crowd, Cardinals score quickly on pregame 2-yard Kiantai Ingram touchdown – tying Eno Benjamin for two Point conversion run. All was well in the eyes of Arizona’s young signalman.

“You know he’s over there, he’s very active on the sideline at times,” said Murray, who turned a solid night with 204 yards and 29 passing attempts 20 touchdowns. “Never ‘calm down, we’re fine, we’ll do it right’, we ended up scoring, which was fine.”​​

Hopkins smiles at his situation Peacemaker, or more accurately marriage counselor.

“Both guys want to win,” said Hopkins, who returned with a game-high 10 catches and 103 yards. “I love seeing that. Honestly, I love being part of two people who are focused on winning. Obviously, you’re going to bump your head. I’m not married, but as far as I can tell, that’s like marriage.”

This Thursday night in the desert, unions found prosperity.

Murray-Kingsbury controversy gets a lot of attention, but it also happens in Arizona’s scoring barrage On, equally stunning and influential, revolutionized the game.

The Saints led 14-6 and Ingram scored with 2:28 left in the first half. It started a 102-second sequence in which the Cardinals scored three touchdowns, Saints quarterback Andy Dalton threw two picks, and a whole new ball game broke out. It combined to propel the Cardinals to victory with a 28-14 halftime lead, breaking a two-game losing streak and an eight-game losing streak at home.

Hopkins returns and a long-awaited win at State Farm Stadium — first since Week 7 last season — could be followed by a Cardinals victory There is a family feel to it. Of course, family members also quarrel.

“I mean it’s fine,” Kingsbury explained. “I think we’re trying to figure out what we want to be and what we want to do. When you have competitors of this intensity, I think it continues to push us forward.”



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