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Clip of tatami time machine blues anime showing main character's monologue

Morimi Tomohiko ‘s official TV anime website’ s () The novel starts playing the opening scene of the animation Monday 1st episode . In the film, the unnamed male protagonist ( Asanuma Shintaro dubbed) talks to himself while telling himself that he has never experienced a summer worthwhile Unbearable heat. Kyoto summer.

Animation will be Disney+ Wednesday September in Japan

The Walt Disney Company will broadcast the new animation exclusively worldwide. The animated theatrical movie version will be released for a three-week limited release starting in September .

is a sequel to Sammy’s earlier () novel. It ships in July 2010, 16 Years after the original novel. Novel inspired by Summer Time Machine Blues stage play by Makoto Ueda. Morimi wrote the novel, and Morimi’s friend Ueda is credited with the original concept. The sequel novel combines elements of the stage story with characters from Sammy’s novel. Nakamura came back to illustrate the cover.

In the sequel, the protagonist’s mischievous friend Ozu wets the only air conditioner remote in the student apartment and gets it on a midsummer day broken. Students want to know how to deal with the situation for the rest of the summer and make plans with Akashi. Unfashionable man from 12 year The student’s future arrives in a time machine. The protagonist travels through time and tries to retrieve the remote before it breaks.

Most of the cast will return for the anime sequel, including Asanuma Shintaro as the protagonist “I” (Watashi), Sakamoto Maaya as Akashi, Yoshino Hiroyuki as Ozu, Junichi Suwabe as Jōgasaki and Yuko Kaida as Hanuki. Kazuya Nakai will voice Higuchi, replacing the character’s original voice Voice actor , the late Keiji Fujiwara .

Setsuji Satoh is returning from the anime to reprise his role as Aijima’s role, and

Chikara Honda of European Kikaku Also reenacted Tamura in Summer Time Machine Blues Jun character stage play and subsequent live-action film.

Europe Kikaku

The six members of the troupe will play the future Shimoga Yuusuisо̄ boarding house residents, including Ueda Makoto , Honda Chika , Gо̄ta Ishida, Yoshifumi Sakai , Kazunari-Tosa, and Munenori Nagano . Ueda is also the screenwriter of the play and is a representative member of European Chrysanthemum

. The role marked Ueda’s acting debut.

Natsume Shingo (, , ) in command Science SARU

andMakoto Ueda returned from as screenwriter. Yūsuke Nakamura also returns as a character designer.

Ota Press Morimi’s was released in 360 with Nakamura’s illustration for the cover. This novel inspired a 00-April An episode of Yuasa Masaki 56.

The HarperVia Imprint of HarperCollins will be in English version of the novel in 2010. The sequel novel will be
Summer release . Emily Balistrieri is translating these two novels. Balistrieri had previously translated Morimi’s novel, which inspired The animated film is also directed by Masaaki Yuasa and written by Ueda.

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