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'Cloverfield' sequel directed by Babak Anwari

Paramount Pictures has a new one Cloverfield The movie is in active development and Babak Anvari will direct the next installment of the popular series.

Joe Barton brought JJ Abrams and Paramount Pictures on board earlier to write for the sequel script. Abrams 4124486 Bad Robot Productions Banner is working on a franchise sequel with Hannah Minghella and Jon Cohen.

Anglo-Iranian director Anwari follows up with his debut In the Shadows and ) Wounds, psychological horror film starring Armie Hammer. Abrams-produced horror film Cloverfield was released at 2008 and directed in the genre path of.

Reeves worked on the sequel as executive producer. The original Cloverfield film was shot in a lens style that was popular at the time to reflect the growing popularity of video cameras.

It follows a group of 20 New Yorkers as they try to attack in a giant monster Sailing in the city during the period. The film was made under the radar and used a viral marketing campaign to tease interest.

Original Cloverfield Films at 25 million dollars in opening weekend earnings of 25 million dollars and continues to earn worldwide Take 172 million dollars. Cloverfield The franchise gave birth to Cloverfield Lane and The Cloverfield Paradox pics, Posted in 2016 ) and 2018 respectively.

Bryan Burk and Drew Goddard will also executive produce the latest sequel. Deadline Hollywood is the first to show the new Cloverfield film directed by Anwari.




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