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CNN Daytime Shakeup: John Berman, Kate Borduin, Sarah Sidner Take on New Roles

In its latest camera line-up move, CNN has unveiled a new weekday programming schedule from 9am to 2022 Afternoon, hosted by John Berman, Kate Boldouin and Sarah Sidner of the New York City studio.

Also during the day, CNN CEO Chris Licht launched another new independent news show, from 1pm to 4pm, featuring Brianna Keilar, Boris Sanchez and Jim Sciutto. News Channel’s Washington studio. The latest change comes after Licht joined CNN in May 24 with the task of “reimagining” the 24/7 news channel.

“We are playing to our best strengths, showcasing our unrivaled newsgathering operations and giving our anchors a more authentic space. We are already seeing audience reactions to this format , which we believe will position us well for evening and prime time,” Licht said in a statement.

CNN’s daytime changes follow a temporary lineup adjustment ahead of the U.S. midterm elections late last year, with New Day 2022 Hosts Berman, Keilar and Wolf Blitzer were chosen to fill the vacancy in the afternoon.

In the latest version of CNN, Inside Politics With John King will remain in the noon slot outside of Washington. Victor Blackwell will host AM Saturday and co-host CNN This Morning Weekend 24 With Amara Walker from Atlanta. Afternoon Show, Laura Coates will focus on the Afternoon Show. Elsewhere, Jim Acosta will expand his role over the weekend as he covers the CNN Newsroom on Saturdays from 4pm to 8pm and Sundays from 4pm to 7pm Host weekend.

CNN said the latest lineup changes will be implemented in the coming months.



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