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Coach Ben's 'Yellow Jackets' Stars, Feasts and Heartbreaking Flashbacks

[This story contains spoilers for Yellowjackets Season 2, Episode 3, “DIGESTIF.” ]

Yellowjackets the most order in the show returns after a shocking episode of to show the young survivors’ collective hangover after a cannibal feast.

The third episode of the hit Showtime survival series titled “DIGESTIF” opens with a reminder of what the audience and Taissa (Jasmin Savoy Brown) have done. “You really don’t remember? Tai, you ate her face,” Van (Liv Hewson) said to her girlfriend, who has dissomnambulism and doesn’t remember when What happened when “Other Tai” took over. Then she got very sick.

Cast & Oral History The Hollywood Reporter , hungry characters on the show 1996 Wilderness timeline savagely feasted on their dead teammate Jackie ( played by Ella Purnell), after Lottie’s (Courtney Eaton) hallucinatory sex scene , which in reality and Dionysian dreams are staged.

Everyone was in for the feast — except for coach Ben Scott (Steven Krueger), who had the target on his back. “We wanted to explore it from a girl’s point of view. Because when he abstained, so to speak, how do they see him now?” On receiving THR Storyline about Ben. “They might see him as someone who is disciplined and doesn’t want to break social taboos. But they’re more likely now to see him as more self-righteous, more judgmental, and therefore keep him out of their inner political circle. So I think In some ways it’s very dangerous for the coach because he’s not at the feast. So we’ll see that in the episodes.” SPOILER Edible Complex

Coach Ben Scott (Steven Kruger) starts the feast in “Edible Complex.” Kay Lee Schwarman/SHOWTIME1235363388

What happens in the third episode is the inner journey of the only adult in the wilderness, as Coach begins to experience being the hungriest of the bunch. As he lies daydreaming in the cabin, Yellowjackets jumps back in time to show Ben’s life before the crash. However, the flashback plays out both in the past and in an alternate timeline as it shows how Ben’s lifecould have been if he had never been on a plane Engaged to her boyfriend Paul, played by François Arnaud.

“If I got on that plane, I’d be being my saddest self. A fucking out gay high school football coach who ignores everything he wants, Because he thought it would, I dunno, keep him safe?” Ben says, in this alternate version. “I’m going to live the life I want to live, the life I know I’m meant to live, and I’m going to be who I know I’m going to be. Fuck everyone else.”

REMINDER Come on, Ben didn’t come out to join the team until after the car accident. In the scene, the local news plays the story of the Yellowjacket crash, as if Ben never got on the plane.

“Ben is a unique character because he’s there with them, but he’s an outsider at this point,” Krueger accepts THR interviewed. “I do wonder going into season two, where are they going to take it? Are there any interesting ways to tell his story? And I think the creators and writers just nailed it. Man goes inside and really starts living in his own head and it just makes things more tragic. It makes his journey all the more heartbreaking.”

He continued , “You haven’t seen the final ramifications of what happened because of him getting into his psyche, but it’s intense. It’s sad, and it’s scary. And I think people are really going to like it; it gives a very Nice little inflection point and an internal peak, exactly what he’s going through.”

What the audience starts to see is Ben hallucinating some of the fears written on him as he watches Jackie has an ugly face as he watches his teenage team eat and drink. The second episode ends with Ben stepping back into the cabin, slamming the door in horror, worried about their capabilities, and whether he’ll be next. As Natalie (Sophie Thatcher) tells Jackie of her premonition, “I think things are going to get worse here.”

at In the “Eating Compounds” oral history , Kruger explains that Ben, as an adult, felt a responsibility to distinguish right from wrong and knew If they are rescued, he will be the one who has to answer the questions. “Ben was always conscious of the situation—about what was right and what was wrong—while the young man kind of forgot. He was able to control his impulses,” he said, “but he completely lost track of the other Man’s control, I think that’s the most haunting thing about him.”

Here he elaborates on it: “The inner The monologue [at the end of episode two] is along the lines of holding up a mirror for myself and realizing that not only have I lost control of the situation here, but my identity has something to do with it,” he said. “Who am I in front of these people, in front of these young girls, as their coach and authority figure. If that’s not out the window, then, who am I?”

Digging Deeper Ben’s psychology and what happens next 730 Wilderness (surviving Those who end up trapped in 125 for a few months, with seven episodes left in the second season), Kruger added: “Suddenly, I was completely powerless. Knows how to identify himself. So if that’s all I have left, what’s going to lead to what we’re seeing with this coach for the rest of the season is that he gets very withdrawn and deals with his own psychology because that’s really his All the rest. He’s asking, where do I go at this point? Who is this guy? I don’t even know him anymore. It’s really hard to deal with, given all the other stuff going on outside.”

Yellowjackets Releases new episodes every Friday for Showtime subscribers and airs Sundays on cable at 9pm THR on Yellowjackets Season 2 coverage and interviews.



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