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Cobalt Knight is getting a 'Terra Mystica' board game adaptation

The hit strategy board game Mysterious Lands will be produced by Cobalt Knight, the production company co-founded by Christopher Kaminski and Christopher Knox adapted for the screen. )

Cobalt Knight acquires screen adaptation rights to the Terra Mystica universe, which includes a sequel, Gaia Project. Both board games were designed by Jens Drögemüller and Helge Ostertag and published by Capstone Games.

Cobalt Knight has signed a representation with Rain Management Group as it looks to adapt the empire-building board game. “When we were introduced to Cobalt Knight, I was in awe of their innovative approach to bringing board games and other traditional games to film and television,” Rain founding partner Jonathan Baruch said in a statement.

Terra Mystica strategy board game set in a land with different People in the Seven Great Landscapes. As each group grows, it must transform or absorb neighboring lands and build towns to compete with other groups.

Last year, Cobalt Knight acquired the screen adaptation rights to the strategy board game Retrofit of Mars in a separate deal. That and Terra Mystica universe is the latest popular board game franchise to be adapted into a film or TV series following Hasbro The Dungeons & Dragons game of ) will be played on the big screen and Lionsgate on Friday Films is developing a Monopoly movie .

“We are honored to be trusted by these well-loved games, and we are excited to expand our efforts with Rain’s support. We will continue to work with designers to ensure We stayed true to their vision throughout the process of adapting their world to the screen,” Kaminsky said in a statement.

Cobalt Knight was also represented by entertainment attorney David Tenzer.



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