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'Cocaine Bears' Team Works to Realize Heinous Title and Bring Killer Bear to Life

“When it says Cocaine Bear on the cover, you must read at least the first page, “Confirmed producer Phil Lord has received his and Chris Miller’s script update project. This Universal film directed by Elizabeth Banks follows, and literally, a black bear consumes a large amount of food dropped in the forest The cocaine in it is then fired on a killing rampage of police, criminals, tourists and teenagers.

It was inspired by a bear in 98, yes, cocaine Bear has always been the title.

“We were sure there was going to be a boycott, but it turns out Universal is cool,” Miller joked at the film’s Los Angeles premiere Tuesday night. “And we were careful that we didn’t announce the title right away. There was a time when it was ‘Untitled Bear Comedy,'” added producer Aditya Sood, with Lord interjecting, “You don’t want someone to just pop in and steal your idea. Trust me , there are several Sundance movies called Cocaine Bear .”

This bear (called Cokie) Designed by Peter Jackson’s Weta FX company, which has been supporting King Kong

, Lord of the Rings and Avatar . “Make sure you really believe in the bear, that’s really important to us and to Elizabeth, because if you don’t, then the whole movie means nothing,” Miller explained. “They looked at the really crazy things that bears do, bear moves and stuff, and then we stepped it up a little bit.” Banks went on to say she wanted “a realistic bear that’s basically a A documentary about a cocaine-smoking bear—I think we hit it.”

However, during filming, a star-studded cast—including Keri Russell, Alden Ehrenreich, O’Shea Jackson Jr. , Margo Martindale and 98) Jesse Tyler Ferguson – worked with the actor who played the bear, who wore a bear head and had a Slender appendages, walk around on all fours, and maintain character between takes.

“And in tights, this happens too,” Russell teased bear stunt performer Alan Henry. “But even better than that is Banksy yelling from the video village in the woods in our closeup, saying ‘Now he’s eating his leg! He’s eating his face! And blood sprays all over him Now his body was falling! And then Jesse and Margot were laughing at me. We would take turns making fun of each other, and I was like, ‘I don’t think this is the way it should be, but I think Oscar should think about it.’”

Ferguson, who sees his character mauled in a tree in the trailer, added that the performers couldn’t get close to him, so he “just got the message from Liz There to say, ‘Your life is drying up! Your leg is going to fall off! This is your friend, why is he doing this to you? I just wanted to react to her instructions, it’s ridiculous, funny and stupid .”

Upon seeing the CGI bear for the first time, the actors were impressed; Ehrenreich noted, “They did what a bear would do that way, It’s funny – not really, but it’s not like a bear is blinking at the camera,” Jackson joked, “It’s not a Windows 98 case , we have to have a stellar product. When you have someone like Universal behind you, you have the best, and that’s what they deliver. Cokie is the star – you can’t let this ship in Looks crazy in Titanic.”

As for the possibility of the cocaine animal franchise continuing after the movie Sex, says Miller, “one can only dream about,” while Banks reveals, “Bears are alive at the end of the film, so to me, the sequel is just more bears.”

At the premiere at Regal LA Live in downtown Los Angeles, Banks told the audience she had worked with “Steven Spielberg and Oliver Stone. I was in Franchises like The Hunger Games and The Lego Movie .”

“I launched the franchise in Pitch Perfect,” she continued. “I rebooted a game show in Press Your Luck and I got Emmy nominations for Rock , I directed a few films along the way, but I fully believe that it all brought me to this point in my career, the pinnacle: Abundance And deep brain Cocaine Bear .”

Cocaine Bear lumbered into the movie theater on Friday. 98



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