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College football fans rejoice after Aaron Judge HR ends nasty break

College fans are increasingly annoyed by the live-ins of Aaron Judge’s home run. Their suffering is now over.

While the college football games of the past two weeks were definitely worth watching in themselves, there were also entire fans watching at home A dark cloud hangs over the experience: Aaron Judge Interlude.

It’s a nightmare for fans trying to enjoy their spare Saturday watching college athletes play because their favorite show is just being split screen bombarded, watching the Yankees The slugger allegedly chased his 62nd homer to break Roger Maris’ AL record. After all, most episodes are just for the superstar to appear or walk the catwalk.

However, on Tuesday night, with no college football in sight, Judge walked to the plate and was able to crank a crank over the fence and set a record for the American League. So the cut-in is over.

College fans rejoice at Aaron Judge’s free cut after 62nd home run

If you thought the Yankees and baseball fans were happy to see history being made, their Saturdays couldn’t be more interrupted than the joy shown by CFB fans.

A real victory at Judge 62? No more episodes.

— Austin Swaim (@ASwaim3) October 5, 2022

No more Aaron Judge jumping in during college football!

— Famous Garnet Sports (@FamouslyGarnet) October 5, 2022

I will always remember this day, the day we were liberated from the Judge Aaron Interlude.

— john boo!!ozos (@johnbollozos) October 5, 2022

NEWS: Aaron Judge is now No. 7 on the single-season HR list.

BETTER NEWS: The break-in that hopefully interferes with other shows is now over…

— 🎙Bauer (@MikeJackBauer) October 5, 2022

The fun fact about this is that regardless of whether the regular season ends on Wednesday, October 5, the cut will stop, which means the judges’ pursuit of the record will end there. For him, however, hitting the ball on Tuesday without being questioned was a more satisfying conclusion.

Now fans just have to hope the Yankees star doesn’t start chasing some other playoff home run record. That could send the college football world into complete madness.

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