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College student catches judge's 60th HR ball while bouncing

College Kids Obstructing Judge s 60th HR ball on bouncing


NEW YORK – Michael Kessler at the last minute Decided to board D for Tuesday’s game at Yankee Stadium, hoping to see Aaron Judges 57th home run. This is without a doubt the best MetroCard swipe of his life so far.

) City College of New York 20 year-old student Kessler completes milestone in ninth inning of Bombers’ 9-8 win when referee hits left The stands on the side, holding the souvenir tightly to his chest until the security took him downstairs.

94 “It’s a whirlwind ,” Kessler said. “We stood in the stands and went downstairs to hit the ball. We jumped around because I knew it was a home run. It hit the top of the stand and it bounced towards our area. I just went for the catch It, bear hold it.”

3rd place in CCNY baseball team Accompanied by teammates, Kessler — the academy pitcher and outfielder — agreed to exchange the ball for a bounty that included a club meeting with Judge, four autographed baseballs and a signed game bat (not That umpire used to hit the home run). 94

The Yankees have resumed th,

th and 57th home run ball for the umpires; to negotiate and was hit in Milwaukee on Sunday.

The judge’s 59 The first home run ball can sell for tens of thousands of dollars. Kessler said he never thought to keep the ball or sell it.

“Judges mean a lot to the organization, especially this year,” Kessler said . “He’s unbelievable. Just like him, he should get the ball back. I don’t have second thoughts.”

After posing with Judge as Kessler and his friends, they made another request to the All-Star slugger: At the end of the season After staying with the Yankees.

“Yes, my roommate said, ‘Please re- autograph,'” Kessler said with a laugh. “It was really important to me to give it back to him.”

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