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Color Wow Dream Coat Review 2022: TikTok and Jennifer Lopez's Hairstylist Swears By Home Care

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My hair has maintained a rather capricious temperament over the years – especially in hot and humid weather. So, when I discovered the Color Wow Dream Coat spray on TikTok, I never got around to the product fast enough.

Others I’m less used to hair care than the relaxer of my youth and the blonde I was earlier this year. Not even the keratin treatment brightened my mane quite a bit. So, I want to make sure that anything I try at home doesn’t damage my hair in any way. Get the facts: For a hair care novice, Color Wow spray can feel advanced when, in fact, it’s actually pretty simple.

“It’s an anti-frizz treatment that waterproofs your hair,” says Chris Appleton, celebrity hairstylist and global creative director of Color Wow explained. “It stops frizz and gives hair an ultra-glossy, glassy texture, even in the harshest humidity. Best of all, it feels like nothing is on the hair and it’s as light as water.” The Kim Kardashian , Dua Lipa and Jennifer Lopez, the pros who see clients as clients, continued that, in addition to the silky feel, “it wraps each rope in an imperceptible waterproof barrier that makes the water bead up and roll off.” Actually His viral TikTok, in which he shows drops of water falling from strands of hair, fascinated me in the first place – and creator @Naturally_Nella, who has a hair type similar to mine, documents her experiments. If that wasn’t enough to convince me, in the end, Appleton revealed that he used this coveted half-up hairstyle for Lopez at the Tribeca Film Festival.

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