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Colville Spring 2023 Ready-to-Wear

Milan has been converted to a minimum. Cargo pants, ribbed knits and slip dresses dominated the runway the previous two days as the trend started to take shape. But not in Colville. Founders Lucinda Chambers and Molly Molloy don’t care about trends, but in any case, they’re too focused on clever prints, fluid draping, and patchwork-like combinations to be read by “s.

wore colorful patterns in their fall collection— — they are their own best ads — Chambers and Molloy point to spring highlights. Asymmetrical tops and skirts with lively stripes or color blocks; Chambers likens them to flags, which are an But not an apt comparison of unrealistic silhouettes. A collection of flattering printed dresses showcased their drapey appeal, one with a loose silhouette over the bodice and a cape-like back, the other with a belt With large sleeves, they reappeared on the Star Wars t-shirt as part of their upcycling project. The third printed dress featured a twisted strap made from a used and refurbished down jacket. The knitted sweater too Part of the picture, they are also packed with graphic punch.

Walking into the brand’s Via Cappuccini headquarters is like walking into a kaleidoscope – it can almost Makes anyone an extremist. But even women who don’t have the style of Colville’s designer magpies will find something here. Their spring suits are cut from soft, washed fabrics that give a practical bend and easy wear Attitude.




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