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Come and go: Moncler invites 18,000 people to its 70th birthday party

For many other brands, continued rain last night could disrupt plans for a big show in Milan’s Piazza del Duomo. However, Moncler is a brand that specializes in clothing that will weather the worst of the weather.

Past and current Moncler collaborators including Pharrell Williams, Michele Lamy, Francesco Ragazzi and Hiroshi Fujiwara have joined Salehe Bembury (rumored future partner) to celebrate the founding of France, Italy Anniversary of the brand 70 of operation. They join an estimated 18, 000 member public before an exclusive dinner with other guests including Future, Anne Hathaway, Colin Kaepernick and Shailene Woodley Watch a show featuring 1,952 models, musicians and performers – a detail that commemorates the year the brand was founded. Under the choreographic direction of Sadek Waff, it is an epic of simultaneous expression. Since all participants were wearing pure white Moncler, including the new “70” version of the Maya jacket that will be the central theme of the brand’s anniversary sale, they were able to have a bit of bad weather.



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