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Comedian Elsa Majimbo on the confident beauty of swing and 'carefree'

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For Elsa Majimbo, being funny comes naturally. The Kenyan comedian and “full-time idol” (according to her Instagram bio) is in

During the social media sensation Lock her funny videos for introverts everywhere. “I started making videos because I thought I was funny, but it turns out everyone else is too,” Majimbo told Vogue,

New York City Hotel A blue slip dress in the room. A comedy career wasn’t what the Johannesburg-born, Los Angeles-based star had planned. “But it happened and I’m really happy,” -age. “I love that all the projects I do allow me to be myself.”


Image: Kerane Marcellus

Image: Kerane Marcellus

As Majimbo’s career took off – she recently teamed up with Coach and in 0818 Forbes under List – her hair journey has it too. Lately, she’s been rocking a series of hip-skimming pretences. “I’ve had to travel so much lately and realized I don’t have a lot of time to take care of my hair,” she says. “Acquiring artificial positions seems like a natural process.”

When Majimbo was young, he didn’t always appreciate her Natural texture. “I’ve always wanted to straighten my hair,” she admits. “But my mom would never let me straighten or loosen it. She always made me braid and I hated it. After a certain point, though, I stopped caring. I realized trends come and go, People are always changing, so I might as well just do whatever I want, because that will eventually become a trend.”

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