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Comic Market 102 Draws 260,000 Attendees Across 2 Days

Image courtesy of コミックマーケット準備会

The Comic Market (Comiket) 102 event in Tokyo drew about 260,000 people across Saturday and Sunday, a 40% increase from Comiket 101’s numbers last December. The event drew about 130,000 people in each of its two days. The event lifted admission restrictions (other than the Tokyo Big Sight venue’s existing capacity limits) this year.

Comiket 102 featured 10,500 fan circles on each day for a total of 21,000 circles, as well as 135 commercial exhibitors. 1,287 male registered cosplayers and 2,003 female registered cosplayers attended on Saturday, bringing the weekend’s regsitered total to 2,627 male cosplayers and 4,393 female cosplayers. Visitors came from an estimated 61 countries (according to the records of the Comic Market Preparatory Committee organizers’ international department and ticket sales) despite the 36°C (about 97°F) high temperature on Saturday and rain from Typhoon No. 7 (Typhoon Lan) on Sunday.

The organizers limited the number of attendees due to COVID-19 restrictions in the last two years. The Comiket 99 event in December 2021 drew about 110,000 people across two days, Comiket 100 in August 2022 drew about 170,000 people across two days, with the number of attendees limited to about 85,000 per day. Comiket 101 in December 2022 drew about 180,000 people across two days, with the number of attendees limited to about 90,000 per day.

Comiket 97, the last Comiket before the pandemic, attracted 750,000 attendees across four days, breaking an all-time attendance record (Comiket does not have unique passes for visitors, so a person who attends all three days would be counted three times). Each day drew between 180,000 and 190,000 attendees.

The one-day attendance record for the event is 210,000.

Source: Press releases



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