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Comikey Authorizes The Cursed Prince's Servant Manga

Comikey announced on Thursday that it has acquired Yuki Shibamiya( Yuki Shibamiya)’s Servant of the Cursed Prince (Noroi Ko no Meshitsukai) comics. The comic is now available on the Comikey app and website.

© Yuki Shibamiya, Hakusensha, Comikey Media Inc.

Comikey describes the servant of the cursed prince :

Renee, a girl cursed with immortality, is struggling to find a job because of her curse, which keeps getting fired. Until one day, she was discovered to be a servant of a certain prince. It turns out that the prince is living in a brig with a poisonous curse, and everyone he comes into contact with will die! Their curses are polar opposites, but their bond only grows stronger as fate brings them together…

Shibamiya released the manga in Hakusensha

‘s Magazine March . Hakusensha published the seventh volume of the manga in September , Volume 8 will ship in February . Comikey also revealed on Thursday that it will release the following new licenses and its partnerships with CNC Revolution, Manhwakyung and Storysoop: I See You by Pixel, by An Eunjin and SeolockT The Voice Next Door and Jackbull’s Sora Haena!.

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