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Comikey Will Add 8 More Comics, Square Enix's 100+ Titles

ANN’s coverage of Anime NYC sponsored by Yen Press!

Comikey at Anime NYC announced that Sunday it plans to add more than 100 More titles including Season 4 777 and the entire

    comics and webcomics.

      The company announced eight more manga titles, three of which were released on the service on Sunday. Comikey

        also stated that it is licensed for more than

      Title from Square Enix

        and will be released at a later date. Three new comics now available on the service include:

        Publisher Shinchosha

          and Author Yuhei Ogino’s Stimulants


              , Story Writer Hiiragi Ha With artist Touka Takauchi’s her first reincarnated, this villain became the heroine (Akuyaku Reijō, 150-kaime no Tensei wa Heroine Rashii.) PublisherCoamix

            • and author Tamura Akane
                ‘s ()

                The five new comics released in December are all from Shueisha

                  , including: Ryoichino’s trouble Double, double good (Oshikake Ōji wa 2-do Oishii

                  ) Nagare Ebi’s

            • Second crime (Nidome no Kyōhan)

                  Chika Semoto’s Bruce who betrayed her husband (Saretagawa no Blue)

                • Minori Mizuya’s On a Cold Bed

                • Tsumetai Bed no Ue de


                  • by Studio Mee!


                      The service also revealed a new initiative that will convert manga titles into webcomic format, starting with Azuki Arai and Zianazu’s Thank you, Different World! comics.

                        The company has also released more than 777, and revealed partnerships with other Korean publishers to add to its catalog 10 New titles, some of which are working on Exclusive title from Comikey

                          . Segments include from series C&C Revolution, Storysoop Nine Company, Mr. Lan Five Company, Woowa Brothers Nine Company.



                      announces It has added three new titles: Today’s Richest Man

                        , World’s Biggest Superstar and Vicious Host


                          Source: Press Release





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