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Commercial airlines find greener fuel solution

View through an airplane window

View through an airplane window Michaelvbg/Shutterstock

go through Rob Rich /September. February 23, 2022 at 3:23 PM EST

Many airlines have been looking for “green” fuels for their planes, which would provide a (technically) greener alternative to the more widely available Alternatives come from fossil fuel propellants. Now, several major airlines—as well as the U.S. Air Force—have pledged to purchase a total of 1 billion gallons of material from airlines with appropriate monikers.

Air Company says it uses a process similar to photosynthesis (the way plants use carbon dioxide to The process of converting carbon dioxide to oxygen) converts carbon dioxide into various types of alcohols and fuels. And the whole thing is powered by renewable energy sources like water and sunlight.

It is expected that Air Company will be able to help offset more than 1 billion metric tons per year of carbon dioxide emissions. As more airlines adopt sustainable fuels, this will have a significant positive impact on the industry’s global CO2 emissions.

How does it help? While more sustainable aviation fuel is a Worth the hard work, but it’s not the fuel itself that has a lower environmental impact. While there is evidence that these alternative formulas reduce the density of contrails, possibly slightly reducing their effectiveness overall, the real environmental change comes from the processes that make these fuels.

Basically, the act of making jet fuel causes a lot of air pollution — and Air Company’s CO2 refining process, coupled with its use of renewable energy, results in far less carbon emissions (relatively speaking). Another benefit of producing is that it can be set to Capture carbon emissions from power plants. Or anything that might produce a lot of carbon dioxide, really. So assuming the technology works as advertised, it can effectively intercept pollutants and turn them into fuel (or hand sanitizer, perfume, or vodka), a process that claims to have a small carbon footprint.



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