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Common Google Pixel Buds Pro problems and how to fix them

Looking for the perfect wireless earbuds for your collection of Android devices? You’re probably doing worse than the Google Pixel Buds Pro.

The Buds Pro include multiple ear tips for any ear canal shape, sound great (as described in our full Pixel Buds Pro review), are comfortable to wear, offer noise cancellation (finally!), and are able to simultaneously Connect multiple Bluetooth devices. However, like all technologies, they are not completely fail-proof. What do you do when your Pixel Buds stop charging? What if the audio suddenly drops? Rest assured, we have years of A/V experience to back you up. Listed below are some of the most common Pixel Buds Pro issues and how to fix them.

Google Pixel Buds Pro and their case.
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No sound

Whether the culprit is a finicky Bluetooth connection (these buds should be minimal) or a mismatched handshake between your Pixel Bud’s touch controls and the music streaming app, there are several reasons why you might be The earbuds can’t hear. But fear not: here are some troubleshooting tips and some quick fixes you can try. Step 1: First on the troubleshooting side, let’s check the obvious : Go ahead and confirm to make sure your Pixel Buds and charging case are charged, powered on, and have Bluetooth enabled on any host device you’re currently connected to.

Step 2: Tap either earbud ( play/pause command). If nothing happens, any streaming app or platform you’re using may not work seamlessly with your Pixel Buds Pro. In these cases, you may have to manually play and pause the content of the app itself. This should be rare. Step 3: Make sure you are running the latest on your entire hardware and software Firmware Spectrum. That means you’ll want to update everything from your phone/tablet and its music streaming app to the Pixel Buds app itself. Here’s how to update your Pixel Buds Pro.

Step 4:

If your host device Bluetooth is enabled, try turning it off and back on again. You may also want to try “forgetting” your Pixel Buds Pro from your device and then re-adding them. Step 5: In some cases goo and other A buildup of debris can hinder audio performance. Use a dry, lint-free cloth and tacky putty (if applicable) to remove any debris, then check to see if a little cleaning helps. Pairing issues Pixel Buds Pro can pair with many host devices inside and outside the Android family, but Actually getting your earbuds to connect with a Bluetooth device can sometimes be a bit of a hassle. If you have any pairing issues with your Pixel Buds Pro, here are some things to try. STEP 1: Whether you are working with Android, iOS or other Bluetooth Pairing – For functional devices, you first need to make sure your Pixel Buds Pro are in pairing mode. To do this, place your Pixel Buds in the charging case and press and hold to pair buttons on the back of the case. Once the status light starts blinking white, your headset is officially in pairing mode.

Step 2:

If you are using run Android 6.0 or higher Android device, you should get a pop-up notification on your phone or tablet letting you know that the Pixel Buds are trying to connect. Select Notifications and follow the quick tips to link your earbuds. You can also navigate to your phone’s Bluetooth settings via The following way to add Pixel Buds select

to pair a new device

. Step 3: For non-Android devices, go to Google Pixel Buds Pro seen in their case. Bluetooth menu and in to find your Pixel Buds under the My Devices tab. After selecting them, they should start pairing. Step 4: If not, try to “forget” and add it again Pixel Buds Pro to your host device. After removing the Pixel Buds Pro from the device log, place the Pixel Buds in the charging case, keep the top open, and connect the case to a power source.

Step 5:

Press and hold the button on the back of the case about 30 seconds. When the status light stops blinking, release your hand and your Buds Pro case light should start blinking white and orange, indicating that your Buds are fully resetting. This will factory reset your Pixel Buds Pro.

    Step 6: When the light flashes white , indicating that the reset is complete and you can try the pairing process again.

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    Charging problem

    Have you noticed that the Pixel Buds are not charging when you put them in the charging case? That’s how properly cleaning and caring for your earbuds and charging case becomes the key to getting the best rejuicing from your case to your Buds Pro. Step 1: Clean the Buds’ charging contacts with a dry, lint-free cloth Pro and inside the charging case. Step 2: Make sure the earbuds are securely seated in the charging case. To confirm a proper A to B connection, you should see the earbuds’ status lights flash after each earbud is successfully docked. Opening and closing the charging case is another great way to adjust each bud to the correct charging position. Factory reset when all else fails Regardless of your Buds Pro and/or the console Whatever bug or malfunction the device encounters, a reliable factory reset of the Pixel Buds Pro will restore the earbuds to their out-of-the-box state, with all links from the earbuds to the Bluetooth device removed and all default settings restored.

      Step 1:

    Follow our in-depth explanation How to Properly Factory Reset Pixel Buds Pro (We’re in No Sound in this post) section briefly). Step 2: There’s no harm in doing a hard reset of the host device . Power off your phone, tablet, laptop or desktop completely, wait about 10 or 15 seconds, then restart. Check out our full review of the Google Pixel Buds Pro. Not sure whether to choose Android or Apple? Here’s our comparison of the Google Pixel Buds Pro vs the Apple AirPods Pro.

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