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PhotoVogue’s Open Calls helped launch the careers of photographers like Luis Alberto Rodriguez, Nadine Ijewere, Camila Falquez, Kennedy Carter, Scandebergs and Mous Lamrabat, promoting them in exhibitions, editorial features and branding content of works.

The approach that guides our choices can be summed up as the intersection of ethics and aesthetics. Indeed, PhotoVogue’s mission has been and continues to be to develop talent, reach historically excluded communities, and influence visual literacy to help shape a more just, ethical, and inclusive visual world.

Yves © Mark Elzey

The diversity among the artists, both cultural and geographical origins, and their extraordinary creative diversity, make PhotoVogue a favorite for us A natural and organic celebration of difference. If there is one thing that unites most of our artists, it is that they incorporate the most important contemporary issues into their work, whether they work in fashion photography, documentary work, fine art, portraiture or other areas of focus.

Desiring to have the space and time for our community to meet in person, at we launched the first edition of the PhotoVogue Festival: First A conscious fashion photography festival dedicated to the common ground between ethics and aesthetics. The whole city of Milan is filled with lectures, exhibitions and initiatives related to photography. From then to now, the festival’s seven editions have created an opportunity for artists from around the world to meet each other and mingle with masters of the visual arts, strengthening the community.



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