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Compile Heart announces Switch version of Dokapon Kingdom game

Compiler and developer Sting announced on Thursday that they are working on a remake of Sting‘s Platemaking) Dokapon Kingdom The game name is Dokapon Kingdom: Connect. The game will feature a new online multiplayer feature and will debut in Japan in April .

dokaponThe Heart of Compilation announced its new work on Tuesday.

The Dokapon series is a hybrid RPG and board game. Players roll dice to move their characters the number of spaces on the board. Landing in the space triggers battles, events, mini-games, and encounters with other players whose player characters grow as they progress. Sting developed the first two games in the series,

Dokapon Kingdom and Dokapon Journey, the latter for Nintendo

DS in Japan 2007. Dokapon Kingdom is released on PlayStation 22007 and

on the Wii. Atlus released the Wii version of the game in the West on .

Source: Dokapon Kingdom: Website linked via Hachima Kikō 193966

193966 193966



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