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Complete MRC Shelved Kanye “Ye” West Documentary

Film Studio MRC is shelving a completed documentary for recent anti-Semitic comments.

“This morning, after discussions with our filmmakers and distribution partners, we have decided not to proceed with any further work on our recently completed documentary on Release. Kanye West ,” CEOs Modi Wiczyk and Asif Satchu and COO Scott Tenley wrote in an open letter Monday. “We cannot support anything that expands his platform.”

According to MRC, Magnolia and Paramount were originally the film’s distribution partners. (The Hollywood Reporter has reached out to Magnolia and Paramount for comment.) When asked if the film was sent to any festivals , the MRC representative responded, “All events have been cancelled.”

The leader wrote in an open letter that the West has helped “mainstream” anti-Semitism in the current climate. “In general, the silence from leaders and companies when it comes to Kanye or anti-Semitism is frustrating, but not surprising. What’s new and sad is that Jews are afraid to speak up in their own defense,” Wiczyk, Satchu and Tenley wrote.

MRC executives write that “two important lies” drive current anti-Semitic rhetoric: “The lie that Jews are evil and conspire to control the world for their own selfish gain” and “Harmful, terrible use of false logic” i.e. “If you support Israel’s right to exist, you are racist. If you are Jewish, you support Israel’s right to exist. So if you are Jewish, you are Racist.”

The authors concluded, “If you hear or encounter these perpetuations of intolerance and lies, please let us know. This is totally unacceptable. For Those of you who are afraid to speak up, hope this encourages you to do so.”

Ari Emanuel (Endeavor), Jeremy Zimmer (UTA) and Bob Gersh (Gersh Agency). An opinion piece published in Financial Times middle. , Emanuel called on the business community to “speak up and act” in the wake of West’s anti-Semitic rhetoric, and singled out Apple, Spotify and Adidas in his column; he also called on social media platform Parler to stop its for sale to West .

Monday, THR Further report CAA has stopped representing the artist. Fashion brand Balenciaga cut ties with West on Friday , and as of press time, Adidas is still working with the artist.




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