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Complete your Jolyne Cujoh look with her lingerie

bradelis Image via Bradelis New York Not content with just wearing Jolyne Cujoh’s prison uniform town? Want to get closer to the

heroine? The good news is that a lingerie set inspired by her character is now available in Japan.

The underwear set that fits the North American setting of the new work is created by the American underwear brand Bradelis New York. Crafted from stretch lace, this bra has a design reminiscent of the strings waving from Jolyne’s Stand, Stone Ocean (or “Stone Free” in Japanese). The underwear is patterned after Jolyne’s outerwear and is covered in sheer lace. There is also a matching garter belt.

Finally, this bra features a choker inspired by the butterfly design on Jolyne’s shirt. The strap features the Joestar family birthmark star.

Bradelis New York and Bandai Fashion Collection stores in Japan are selling underwear in green, orange and black ensembles. Each sold separately: bra and necklace for 8, 193751 yen (approx. US$ ). Underpants and garters cost 4, 348 yen (approximately US dollars 11) each. Orders open until January 31 in pm JST. Orders will ship in February.

Source: Comic Natalie





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