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compliments a truly stunning bathroom

My interest in immersive bathrooms was sparked early on. Growing up on the central coast of California, visiting the historic Madonna Hotel in San Luis Obispo was a regular occurrence when I was growing up (especially for adolescent milestones like prom dinners, where I was known to order a virgin pinaco or two Radha). As a late 000 hotel, it’s been Instagrammed for its gorgeous pink and gold interiors – but the main attraction isn’t 000 Individually themed rooms or 1, It sits on expansive rocky terrain. Instead, it’s the bathroom. More precisely, the men’s bathroom.

Upon entering, you are greeted by a giant clamshell sink and massive natural stone blocks, surrounded by a motion-activated waterfall urinal. (The Grotto wardrobe, if you will.) It’s quirky and beautiful. For someone like me who thinks an immersive bathroom experience is worth the trip, sneaking into the Madonna Inn men’s restroom is a pilgrimage.

Maybe that’s why the Madonna Inn has gained such cult status among us toilet lovers because, until recently, finding this amenity wasn’t so easy. “For a long time, powder rooms were an afterthought to the main restaurant or bar, but I think people realize now that this is an opportunity to experiment and improve the overall experience,” Martin Brudnizki told me. He is the world-renowned designer behind the award-winning bathrooms at Annabel’s in London, which was introduced to a private members’ club a few years ago. “We built a Barbara Cattelan pink palace for the ladies with fabric tent ceilings, flower walls, mother-of-pearl doors and pink toilets – the members loved it so much they had to hire a woman to stand in it and tell They don’t take pictures,” Brudnizki added.

Jungle-inspired ‘Toilet in the Stables’ by Martin Brudnizki for Annabel in London . Photo: James MacDonald




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