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Conan Gray puts a Subria spin on Moto Mania in his new video

For his love-centric 2022 album Superache, Conan Gray leans In soft, ethereal fashion. There were many standout moments in the era, and Gray unabashedly leaned toward an “more is more” sensibility befitting a budding pop star. Some unforgettable ensemble ? His disco and fairy looks by Valentino at the 2022 Met Gala; the gorgeous pink suit he wore to the Coachella concert, as well Valentino; and an impressive collection of Shakespeare costumes, which he wore on tour. Now, with the premiere of the music video for “Never Ending Song,” produced by Max Martin, released today, Gray is officially launching a new era of dressing—a tougher look.

Gray’s transformation can best be described as going from school drama kid to bad boy. For the visual, directed by frequent Vogue contributor Bardia Zeinali, Gray dances around a fluorescent-lit supermarket in a stylish James Dean-get up. Looks include star-embellished slick leather jackets, fingerless leather gloves, ‘s V-neck T-shirts and crisp cuffed jeans. The gritty video is a perfect fit for Gray’s latest sound, which borrows from iconic melodies and production.

For the look, stylist Katie Qian said she and Gray wanted to settle on an easy but long-lasting look. “We worked with the great team at Coach to create a custom painted version of their classic leather biker jacket,” she told Vogue

. A statement jacket is simple yet statement-making with classic jeans, Ringer T-shirts, bomber jackets, biker gloves and sneakers. Conan and I had so much fun putting together an outfit that felt classic but had a new look and feel! It’s also a look that’s perfectly in tune with the moment. Well-crafted leather is all the rage in fashion, from Glenn Martens’ Diesel’s bikercore look to Matthieu Blazy’s Bottega Veneta’s more subdued and refined offerings.

The exterior was a key part of Gray’s mission, slightly surreal visuals that see a grocery store – both staff and shoppers – suddenly transform into some high-pressure venues in sync and choreography “I hope the ‘Never Ending Song’ music video is an example of what we all wish we could do when our favorite song comes out,” Gray explained of the visuals. “You’re in your own little world very quickly, and suddenly everything feels like a music video. Your steps follow the beat, your clothes feel kind of cool—you just want to sing along. I’ve been through a lot of moments in my life where I’ve been to the grocery store, school, public places, just desperately trying to get into a full-blown lip-sync dance party and just can’t. “Song That Never Ends” is that kind of song.




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