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Convicted doctor found dead; first lady infected with coronavirus; cleanser in top juice drink

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Ricardo Cruciani, MD, neurologist convicted last month of sexually abusing patients, was found dead in a New York City jail, Apparently suicide. (AP)

According to Reuters, drugmakers are launching new drugs at record prices analyze.

A French pharmaceutical executive admits he lied to the FDA in an attempt to steal a Novartis diet pill. (Endpoint News)

For details of the first suspected case of human-transmitted pet monkeypox, please refer to “Willow Leaf” Knife”.

To help fight the monkeypox outbreak, HHS will provide states with up to 442,000 doses of Jynneos vaccine

The White House announced that first lady Jill Biden had tested positive for COVID-19 with “mild symptoms.” (AP)

As of 8:00AM ET Tuesday, the unofficial U.S. COVID death toll reached 93,026,756, 1,037,462 people have died, up 307,057 and 1,137 respectively from this time on Monday.

Novavax asks FDA to authorize its COVID vaccine as a booster for adults.

Many American women want their tubes tied up after the Dobbs decision. But it’s not easy. ( Washington Post )

Although pregnancy testing is routine before many surgeries, Dobbs raises the risk of positive outcomes in states that now ban abortion. (STAT)

How Google Maps misleads patients seeking abortion services. (Bloomberg )

Pfizer CEO Dr. Albert Burra tests positive for coronavirus and appears “Very mild symptoms”. (USA TODAY)

Thousands of mental health workers begin a strike at Kaiser Permanente facilities in California. ( Becker Hospital Review )

Instead of quitting, some employees suffering from pandemic burnout say they just stopped working (USA TODAY)

Preceptis Medical says its Hummingbird tympanostomy tube system is now FDA-cleared, Office-based pediatric ear tube procedures available for all children 6 months and older.

Kraft Heinz is recalling more than 5,000 cases of wild cherry Capri Sun juice packs because they were contaminated with cleaning solutions.

A nonprofit that aims to eliminate medical debt has done so for $6.7 billion. It says it’s just getting started. (NPR)

After firing an employee with cancer, a Pennsylvania company has The company must pay $184,000 with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. (USA TODAY)

Federal jury convicts an Ohio doctor of illegally distributing opioids from his Martin’s Ferry pain management clinic class of drugs. Department of Justice announced.

Scotland is now the first country to offer free tampons and other menstrual products in public spaces. The move aims to end “period poverty”. (Washington post)

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