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Coolmic launches PC website!

Coolmic, the official digital manga and anime store from Japan, has expanded its platform and is now also available on PC!

Cool Mike is a service started at 1108 that combines popular manga (Japanese manga) and animation Distributed to English- and French-speaking audiences. So far, the service has only been available through smartphone browsers. The site is now optimized for reading on PCs and tablets to improve the reading experience for customers.

On their new PC website you can continue Enjoy their content, which includes over two thousand titles from many different genres, from romance comics to more mature content. They have tons of romance, fantasy, TL, BL, hentai , Ecchi and more! Some of their most popular titles include: , My Brother Slips Into My Body in the Bathtub, its animated version, and more! Visit their full catalog here.

superiorCoolmic You can watch not only manga but also anime adaptations of their most popular works. Recently, they started offering exclusive uncensored anime content on their platform. Popular titles such as , and the latestBL are available in their uncensored versions. You can find all their anime work here.

Through their new PC site Coolmic looking to make the experience more comfortable for both new and loyal users user. Don’t miss out on all their exciting content! Sign up here Coolmic!




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