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Coperni Spring 2023 Ready-to-Wear Collection

Sébastien Meyer and Arnaud Vaillant present one of the fashion moments A season tonight: It’s almost certainly gone viral. The whole thing lasted about 7 minutes and ended at the end of a show that already offered plenty of great runways. Highlights include dresses made from a thousand pieces of embroidered glass that rattle loudly like a recycling truck driven by an amphetamine-addicted getaway driver. The designer’s Swipe bag is available in a solid gold version – all 1kg – which will melt after the show. It was forged by an Italian artisan goldsmith named Gabriele Veneri, accompanied by a considerable security entourage.

Especially cute is the dress in paneling a brutal metal stitching. Then there are the new, specially developed Roblox-inspired shoulders, which sometimes look like the models are wearing cereal boxes, but also seem to be an effective shot for changing silhouettes. Other pieces reinterpreted bra cups as shoulder pads​​. These are just a few of the ideas from the Cornucopia collection that brags about them. A less dramatic touch, which nicely illustrates their frame of reference, is the red dress, designed to reflect Fiona Johnson’s work in The Matrix Sexy glitch dress in ).



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