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Cormio Spring 2023 Ready-to-Wear

Jezabelle Cormio is a millennial mom. “When my daughter was born, I didn’t have any references, I was the first parent in my circle of friends. I faced the fear of losing my former self, surrounded by people who valued their way of life and thought their parents were boring Then, at some point, I discovered the irony in my new life, balancing the desire to cultivate femininity with the calm chaos of everyday family life.”

Spring is an autobiographical series. Cormio takes guests on a tour of a beautiful and traditional house in Milan’s Naviglio Martesana area. Every wall and nook was filled with items she brought from home. There’s a Fisher-Price toy phone, Bugaboo’s stroller (with the company she’s working with), a giant watch hanging on the wall, puppets and a Barbie house. However, it was also a political march, with the inscription spray-painted on T-shirts: “After I fuck your husband, we’ll see what you think about abortion.” This is a very strong signal on the eve of the Italian election, with right-wing parties questioning what we want to take for granted.

Making clothes, Cormio works intuitively. She’s the queen of surprises, unafraid of ugliness and constantly toying with cringe ideas (also via the brand’s Instagram account, not to be missed). She’s here by kindly teasing moms for wearing highly technical tracksuits on the playground for an afternoon, and dressing them in biker suits embroidered with ducks. There were also silk dresses printed with pictures of my daughter’s favorite book, and trimmed with tulle ruffles, reminiscent of children’s disguises.

Dressup theme keeps popping up – see a yellow dress inspired by Beauty and the Beast Belle in

, and the designer silver dress says “my Cinderella look.” The skimpy Tyrolean jumpers she’s known for are back, only this time dads wore them while the moms’ look was completed with a studded belt. Dressing up is often a game in domestic chaos, but Cormio is serious about challenging what contemporary society demands of motherhood.



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