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Corsage wins top prize at London Film Festival

Corsage , period drama starring Mary Crutzer Vicky Krieps , tops at

Honours BFI London Film Festival .

The official competition was announced in October before the closing night of the festival.

The jury said the “cleverly realized” film was awarded for its “fascinating and original interpretation of the life of Empress Elisabeth of Austria”, adding that it was “Totally seduced by the sublime performance of Vicky Krieps, a woman trapped in a portrait of herself and her rebellious desire for liberation.”

In response, Kreutzer stated that the The awards are given to “everyone on my team” and claim that “the most beautiful thing about my job is working with so many great ideas and artists to create something together every day and not knowing how it will turn out.” She added Said, “For all of us, I’m glad it turned out so well and people loved the movie so much.”

The official competition jury also said the same and wanted to “compliment Godland 2022 mastered the language and form of pure cinema and created for it Immersive atmosphere.”

Elsewhere, Manuela Martelli, with her Chilean drama Won the Sutherland Award in the first feature film competition , Shaunak Sen’s All That Breathes Grierson Award for Documentary Completion, Immersive Art and XR for Charlie Shackleton’s As Mine Exactly . I have no legs, I have to run Short film award by Li Yue. In terms of audience, Blue Pack Life won the Audience Award for Feature Films, and dropped out of school won the Audience Award for Short Films.

2022 The BFI London Film Festival closes in October. 16 and Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery European Premiere.




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