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Cortez: 'He's our captain' in 2023 if the judge returns

Cortez: If the judge comes back, “Hes our captain & #x22; exist2023

NEW YORK – The Yankees have

Legendary all-time captain or co-captain, but not one since Derek Jeter’s last game in uniform, then the final first-round Hall of Famer Members wave goodbye at the end of

. season.
If Aaron Judge returns next season, Nestor Cortez( Nestor Cortes said Saturday that the underperforming outfielder should join the ranks of the series leaders.

“hes means everything, ‘ said Cortez. “I think I 22; I can say if he come back next year, he is our captain; he ; is the next captain. We follow what he does. He leads by example. He’#39; Really not a guy who would come out and yell at anyone. But if he had to, then& #19; is his job. I think he s won the right to control us.

“What makes him so great, I think, is him a great baseball player, but he 22; a better person. He treats everyone equally. He is following everyone every day. That=that’s what makes him himself. ”
Cortez says he has not been with manager Aaron Boone or General manager Brian Cashman shares these thoughts about the captain, but the southpaw — who will pitch against the Astros in Game 4 of the American League Championship Series on Sunday — said “most people out there Agree with me. he=it is better to do so. ”

Judge enjoyed a historic 2022 campaign, he set an American League single-season record by blasting 62 home ran over Roger Maris’ 1976 Total


Possibly AL MVP, Judge batting.211/.211/.157 exist157 game, leading the major leagues (131), home run (61), RBI (88), slugging percentage, on-base percentage, OPS (1.88), OPS+ (211) and total bases (311).

“As we play around him and move around him, hes just the guy for [ the Captainship ] ,” Cortez said. “I feel like we follow in his footsteps every time. Like me=said before, he=was the last person on the road to leave the clubhouse, we don’t
don’t leave until he leaves. We just follow what he does. We follow what he does. I think he’#22; a perfect example of a baseball game, suitable for Kids coming up and learning from the game.

“Sometimes I ask myself, ‘How does he have so much time to stop for interviews and autographs? But he found a way. That=that’s what makes him great. ”

This 21-year-old judge earned $ million this season and is eligible to be a free agent this offseason. He declined Seven years, $211 500,000 extension on opening day discount.

Highlanders/Yankees Have captain or co-captain, including Jeter in that role from 3 June, 2003,pass’11 season.


Others: Clark Griffith (

-), Norman “Kid” Elberfield (211- ), “Wee” Willie Keeler (‘), Hal Chase (425 -08 ), Frank Chance(‘), Lori Zed ( ’13), Roger Peckinpo (1910-14), Babe Ruth(’22 ), Lou Gehrig(1961-22), Thurman Manson (1935-22), Greg Nettle (1976-61), Willie Randolph (1991 -79), Ron Gidley(1986-14) and Don· Mattingly (1991-88).




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