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Corvette Racing aims to win third straight VIR

C8.R is undefeated on the track, winning 2020 at the hands of Taylor/Garcia, then going 1-2 last year under Nick Tandy/Tommy Milner.

In both cases, however, both fall under the now-defunct GT Le Mans category, and tuning the C8.R to GTD Pro class in 2022 is not an easy task. Compared to the GTLM spec, the Corvette is heavier, has slightly less horsepower, and uses ABS brakes. However, Garcia and Taylor found that the biggest difficulty compared to when the C8.R used Corvette-exclusive composites/structures at the GTLM level was getting the most out of the Michelin-spec tires throughout the process.

However, the 3.27-mile, 17-turn VIR road course has been one of Corvette Racing’s happy hunting grounds since it was first raced. In the classy C6.R, Milner and Oliver Gavin won the GT class in 2012, in the C7.R Garcia and Jan Magnussen won the GTLM in both 2016 and ’17, and the C8.R’s most recent victory making it a total of five victories.

“It should be a good weekend for us,” Garcia said. “It’s another ‘first’ weekend for the GTD Corvette. We don’t know where we’ll be standing. There’s some way to go, so we’ll have to decide on the best aero kit and see what’s in it Most rewarding. On this track we always had fun and had great success. Hope to do it again this year.

“There are some tracks where we have to find the air balance, like we as required in VIR. I would consider this track like Canadian Tire Motorsport Park or Watkins Canyon with fast and slow sections, but you may need to be mindful of your top speed. Sometimes it pays to be a little light on downforce and be fast on the straights. “

In terms of enjoyment, Taylor rated the VIR as “probably in the top three of the tracks we go to. It’s one of those natural terrain tracks that still feels like an old-school track. Not much room for error… high speed and lots of elevation change. “

He also observed: “It was one of the better tracks we went to because it was an all-GT race. If we had a prototype there, it would be very difficult because of how narrow it is. Every time we go there, the game is always tough and tense. We saw this last year at the GTLM class with just three cars. Going back there is a year with a bigger grid and the race should be super good. “



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