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Cosmopolitan Lucca Comic-Con takes on political significance after Italy elects far-right government

The eternal image of this year’s Lucca comics and gaming convention is director Tim Burton waving to the audience The camera captures what appears to be a steady stream of people on a balcony in the historic center of this medieval Tuscan town.

This photo represents how Luca has evolved from a small, highly local comic and gaming fan convention to a international One of the most important pop culture events on the calendar.

Europe’s largest comics festival (the second in the world, surpassing San Diego’s Comic-Con , second only to Japan’s Comiket), Lucca Comics and Games have become the epicenter of the film, television and gaming industry, they are in effect in Lucca , which is since 2022 (Last year’s Lucca was in-person, but capacity was severely limited due to COVID). They all pitch to some 90,000 fans crammed into this historic Location eagerly waits for the latest nerd-friendly content.

with Burton at the European Premiere on Wednesday Screening), his new Netflix series, featuring VIP guests from Disney Willow Actor of , Andor Actor Denise Gough, Amazon Prime Series Actor Rings of Power, legendary manga artist John Romita Jr. and Japanese anime hit director Goro Taniguchi One Piece Red2019.

Similar to Comic-Con, Lucca has expanded its original source into a comic convention covering all aspects of fan pop culture, from video games to to cosplay, from TV to movies to board games.

“We have to be pioneers. For comics, for board games, for the whole Italian cultural industry,” said Emanuele Vietina, managing director of Lucca Comics and Games. “We talk to the smallest distributors as well as the bigger names…we are the stage managers of this big show.”

In addition to Burton’s introduction On Wednesday , this year’s program includes the Italian premiere of One Piece Red , panels with Willow and Rings of Power casts, and with Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves Q&A directors Jonathan Goldstein and John Francis Daley, where they screened a film by Chris Pine and Michelle Rowe Snippets from the highly anticipated Paramount Pictures feature film starring Michelle Rodriguez.

“We are very happy to be the center of Italian culture [during the five days of the Lucca Festival],” said Vietina, “We are proud that we do not have a lot of support from [government] institutions We have young members of our team who have earned their spots with a definite passion. The most important thing to us is the community.”

Lou of the Year Cards also have special political significance. As an international grand event celebrating cross-border cultural exchanges—hundreds of thousands of fans from all over the world poured into this small walled town, bringing this 320 town Turned, 000 into a cosplay wonderland overnight – Lucca is a particularly safe place to be in a still Month by Georgia Meloni. As if to emphasize the point, this year’s theme is hope.

Not that Luca is overtly political. The event’s organizer, Lucca Crea, is partly state-owned, which meant that Emanuele Vietina, managing director of Lucca Comics and Games, and his team had to remain strictly neutral and non-ideological.

“We’ve been doing public political management 000 for many years,” said Vietina, ” We go through every color of Italian politics. Our approach doesn’t change [we have] a very precise editorial line, and we’ve followed that. “

But the facts of the event speak for themselves.

“Every year, Lucca Comics and Games proves that this community of consumers and fans is what builds a better society Exemplary,” said Vietina. “We will stay because we can be together. “



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