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Cosplay Highlights from Comiket 101

Cosplayers from all over the world Last cosplay event. None other than Comic Market . It might be a quiet event compared to previous years, but there were some great cosplayers

in attendance. Although we were only there for one day, here are some highlights:

Princess Daisy (left) and Princess Peach (right) from Mario Franchise . Cosplayers: Suzuki sua and NANA

from. Cosplayer:Dandong Congratulations

by. Cosplayer


Maria (Left), Vamone (Center ) and Ronaldo (right) from. Cosplayers

: Momo no Ki Saki, Daisuke and Rukio

Basara Nekki (left) and Mylene Flare Jenius(right) from. Cosplayers

: TOMOyan and Tetsuo Itsuki

Elan Ceres (left), Suletta Mercury (middle left), Guel Jeturk (middle) right), Laudanier (right) from. Cosplayers

: Tori Amase, Kosuke, Douma-san and Lini

XVX- Aerial photo from. Cosplayer: black Star

Keisuke Baji (left) and Chifuyu Matsuno (right) from. Cosplayers: Ryouya and Hajime

Chifuyu Matsuno is from. Cosplayer

: Goma dore

from. Cosplayer: Kii

Yor Forger(top) and Anya(bottom) from. Cosplayers: Soramimi and Hatori Sora (minor)

Tashigi (left), “Black Cage” Hina (middle) and Koby from. Cosplayers: Boss, Haruta and Minoru

from. Cosplay By : LEGO

Ram(left) and Rem(right) from. Cosplayers : Mimii and Ritsuito from. Cosplayer: Qing Ye Walk

by. Cosplayer: Ito

Unspecified Aria Company employee, from. Cosplayer: Tessa


of the Saber Alter Fate series. Cosplayer: Izu

Zhuge Kongming (left) Tsukimi (right) from Cosplayers

: Anonymous and Abekawa wa Parudea e Tabidachimashita

Barnaby Brooks Jr. from ). Cosplayer: Hiroki

Momonosuke Ogata (left) and Genjirou Tanigaki (right) from. Cosplayers: Keno and Sosuke

beautiful Girl Warrior from. Cosplayer: Marmora

Kinomoto Sakura comes from. Cosplayer

:Arsenic Punk

Hunter in Unicorn armor from Monster Hunter . Cosplayer

: Yin Xue

Self comes and comes from. Cosplayer

: Masa

Tengen Uzui from. Cosplayer


Kyojuro Rengoku(left) and Mitsuri Kanroji(right) from. Cosplayers: Anonymous and MOYO

by Himiko Toga. Cosplayer: Hato

From Motoko Kusanagi. Cosplayer

: Shizuku of Ocean in Osaka 02401

From. Cosplayer

: Kou

Rei( from Left) and Asuka (right). Cosplayer : Minase Eno Kazuharu 193501

02393 02412



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