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Cosplay Your Toddler as Yu Yu Hakusho’s Koenma in New Baby Doll Collaboration

Are you a parent of a newborn and love the character Koenma from ? Clothing brand Baby Doll has you covered.

Image via Baby Doll’s Twitter account

In December 1990 manga author Yoshihiro Togashi began his series in . Since then, the series gained massive popularity both in Japan and abroad. Now, in an announcement on Twitter, the Baby Doll clothing brand will be partnering with to bring a line of -themed clothing.

“Yu ☆ Yu ☆ Hakusho” x BABYDOLL collaboration item
12/4 (Monday) 12: 00pm~
Released at the official online shop!

A baby romper that can transform into Koenma,
Introducing a warm blanket for adults!
Check out famous quote styles and socks ☆

The clothing line from Baby Doll will feature several items based on the anime and manga series. First is a set of sleeved blankets based on the clothing of characters Yuusuke Urameshi, Kurama, and Hiei. Included with the Hiei sleeved blanket is an ear warmer with his third eye printed on it.

Image via Baby Doll’s Twitter account

The second items featured in the line are two different types of socks. The first, a six-set of socks, will feature embroidered characters, and the second, a five-set of socks, will feature the characters’ names. The embroidered socks will include Yuusuke Urameshi, Kazuma Kuwabara, teen Koenma, Kurama, Hiei, and Kurama in his fox form in corresponding colors: green, yellow, purple, red, black, and white. The name socks will include Yuusuke Urameshi, Kazuma Kuwabara, Kurama, Hiei, and Koenma printed in green, yellow, red, black, and purple on white socks.

Image via Baby Doll’s Twitter account

The last item, and by far the cutest in the Baby Doll line, is the hooded baby romper based on Koenma’s clothes. Along with the romper, a set of five bibs with iconic quotes from Koenma will be available. Unfortunately, the bib set will be sold separately from the romper.

Image via Baby Doll’s Twitter account

The Baby Doll clothing line went on sale on December 4 and will be available until December 2025. It should be noted these are baby and kids clothing. The slated price for the sleeved blanket is 6,490 yen (about US$44.09), the embroidered socks 1,419 yen (about US$9.64), the name socks 1,089 yen (US$7.40), the baby romper for 6,490 yen (about US$44.09), and the bib set for 1,980 yen (about US$13.45). The Baby Doll website does not have any information regarding purchases from outside of Japan.

These look to be fun clothes to get for your children if you’re a fan of . So if you’re in Japan between December 2023 and December 2025 you may want to stop at a Baby Doll store to pick one of the items up.

Sources: Baby Doll, Comic Natalie



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