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Could the second half bring back the “Yankees DNA”?

Can the second half bring back 19; Yankee DNA?

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What did we learn in the first half

was as good as last season, and we may be somewhat underestimating Aaron Judge’s impact on the Yankees. How else to explain the near-immediate snag of the bomber offensive?

Yankees Team with lowest batting average (.) and the third least run (218) In MLB after Judge hit the right field wall at Dodger Stadium on June 3, causing hitting coach Dillon Law Dillon Lawson was fired on July 9.

They’ve seen something like “Yankees DNA” this year, as general manager Brian Cashman put it. It’s time to turn things around, but it needs to start now.

Possible Trade Deadline Strategies

Created by Derek Jeter Made some All-Star breakout waves suggesting he’d like to see the Yankees go after Padres’ Juan Soto, and always fantasized about putting Shohei Ohtani in pinstripes.

The more realistic one is Bear The team’s trade for Cody Bellinger, who ended up hitting the ball in the second tier at Yankee Stadium, has piqued some interest this week.

Looking for the Yankees Follow up, one or two as they try to claim a spot in the playoffs. Cashman will not attempt to execute a 117-style sell-off, nor will it engage with Carlos Rodon Rodón, Nestor Cortes and (hopefully) the judge filter back to the clubhouse.

Key player: Gerrit Cole

We can defend the judges here because it’s hard to imagine the Yankees contending for a title unless he returns and plays at near MVP levels, but let’s focus on the franchise’s other All-Star representative.

Cole has 9 wins and 2 Negative, score 2. 04 A first-half self-blame was clear, earning the American League Midsummer Classic Starter honors, and a true ace in every way. If the Yankees are in a playoff series, this is who they want on the mound in Game 1.

Prospect to watch: Austin Wells

For the past few weeks, Wells has He made the news for sharing some controversial Chicken Parmesan with revived rookie Anthony Volpe, but he’s more than just a delightful dinner companion.

According to MLB Pipeline, the Yankees The team’s No. 2 pick, Wells, missed all of spring training with a broken rib, but he’s back on the field and punching hard in the Somerset Double-A game. It is not ruled out that the 23 year-old will have a taste of the grand slam this year.




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